Bespoke Online Courses

At PerpetuityARC Training, we can develop and host an online training course that’s exactly right for you.

Bespoke online courses are branded for your company and can incorporate your own content, such as examples and case studies that are relevant to your organisation, with assessments designed specifically with your learners in mind. Learners will be able to access their training at a time and location that suits them.

Our team of subject matter experts will work closely with you to determine the content and audience, and our in-house design and development team will then create a bespoke and innovative online course specific to your organisation.

We can develop short bitesize courses, which can be incorporated as part of a corporate-wide upskilling, or lengthier courses designed for targeted groups. If your requirement is for an accredited course, we will work with you and the accrediting body to help you gain that qualification.

Once completed, your course can be hosted on one of our Learning Management Systems, and run by us on your behalf.

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