Managing Retail Security

Qualification……………………… IQ Level 4
Duration…………………………… 30 hours

With crime a major issue on the high street, today’s retailers need to be aware of, and understand, how to mitigate threats to their stock, premises, staff and customers.

This course provides critical insights into retail security and examines the key techniques involved in identifying and managing loss, as well as the essential security management knowledge and skills needed to work within the retail sector.

The course demonstrates the latest ideas, techniques and systems for the protection of people, premises, stock and profits.

It demonstrates how these can be combined with management best practice to produce security solutions tailored for the retail environment.

Core Content

  • The Scale & Impact of Retail Crime
  • Causes & Methods of Retail Crime
  • Understanding ‘Hot Stores’, ‘Hot Products’ & ‘Hot People’
  • Retail Risk Assessments & Security Surveys
  • What are CRAVED Products & How to protect them
  • Distribution & Supply Chain Security
  • How to use Situational Crime Prevention to reduce loss
  • Physical & Electronic Protection
  • Getting the most from your Security Officers
  • Planning & Managing a Retail Loss Reduction Initiative Adding Value
  • Current Regulation & Legislation

Assessment Method

Assessment is via short answer questions, which are completed as you work through the course.

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